Our team

Mohammed Enshassi

Digital Marketing Manager Specialized in developing digital marketing campaigns

Rawan Naser

General Manager Specialized in marketing strategies and business development

Dina Alsherif

Specialized in social media management.

Amal Mahmoud

Senior Graphic designer Establish creative direction for the company as well as brand guidelines.

Yasser Mahmoud

Specialized in PHP, Python, Java, .NET, or Ruby. He is coordinate the tasks between the web developing team

Aisha homsi

Specialized in Developing the overall content marketing strategy and manage the content writing team.

Who we are

Our team consist of an elite of Social Media Management Experts, Content Creators, Designers, Photographers, Paid Ads manager, production and post-production team. We race the time to figure out the new features and updates for the new social media world which is considered as a mystery secret for many people, till we formed our specialized team and we sailed together in this digital world with our clients towards a broad horizon of success, we are working hard to achieve the superior results.

Our Vision

Doing effective digital marketing for businesses and taking them to an advanced stage to achieve
the best return on investment
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